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Log 27 March 2018

432 MHz

20 Complete QSOs:

Called but not complete:

If you find a typo or if you believe you have a QSO and you are not in log please contact us via email as we are not perfect. Please send screenshot or copy of all.txt then and we will investigate.

We are very happy with the 70 cm results given we had only 2 x 17 ele DK7ZB yagis and some 150-200 watts out. Most of the time however the polarisation received was orthogonal to our hpol antennas: We were well copied but saw an empty FFT display only. At one point we decided that one of us - DH7FB lost the draw - had to act as human switch for hpol/vpol. In the 10 seconds between tx stop and rx start he manually turned one of the yagis to vpol and vice versa at the end of the rx period. Sigs popped out of the noise then! With this method we worked at least 2/3 of all our QSOs  though we had some 3 dB less rx as the other yagi remained in hpol then. Sadly, the 10 seconds were too short to turn both yagis. We will find a solution for this for our next activity.

Some words about the amp we used: We were always looking for a small sspa giving some 200 - 300 watts out on 70 cm. Apparently there was nothing on the market. Luckily Zdenek OK1DFC approached us offering to build a sspa of that kind for us. And so he did. It is a very professional looking small amp (still naked without box, we had no time before departure to build a case) and delivering 250 watts max, also having an LNA integrated. It was placed directly below the antenna (luckily no rain on Azores). For next time we will replace the input attenuator for a smaller one so that we can drive the amp to full output. Zdenek himself hat to travel to the UK for his job which came at short notice. Too bad he could not work us but luckily he had worked Azores before. So at least he did not miss out. Anyway, without his ham spirit all those 70 cm QSOs would not have been possible. Thank you, Zdenek!

The big CW signal from DL9KR was amazing. It peaked 559 (on the single vpol yagi). Upon return home we will upload it here or to our dedicated web site.

Next moon rise is 1740Z today 28th. We will work again on 2 m. CR2EME is tx 1st on 144,114 MHz and rx +/-500 Hz. We managed to repair one of the LNAs. Hopefully it will stand the stress...

Please use W7GJ aka Lance procedure when calling us. It helps to avoid time sending OOO to stations that call us but do not copy us. And of course you should only call with OOO when you do copy us or clearly have our sync in the FFT display. Lance procedure is explained here or at the right side at 

"How To Maximize Chances Working Us".

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