Montag, 12. Februar 2018

Equipment at CR2EME

On 144 MHz we will use our standard equipment:
  • FT857
  • Tajfun SSPA by VH Electronics
  • 2 x 8/8 ele xpol yagis DK7ZB design
  • MGF1302 mast preamp

On 432 MHz we will use:
  • FT857
  • 2 x 17 ele yagis DK7ZB design
  • SSPA built for us by OK1DFC, ~200 W out
  • LNA by HG8ET (0,4 dB nf)

We are very grateful to Zdenek OK1DFC who helped us getting hold of a SSPA for 70 cm simply by building one for us:

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